We offer a total solution for all of your domestic and commercial needs in Electrical. No job, Commercial or Domestic is too big or small.

We are experts in all area’s of Commercial and Domestic Heating and can provide systems such as Gas Log Fires, Heat Transfer Systems, Wood Heaters and Split Systems.

We are experts in all area’s of Commercial and Domestic Cooling and can provide systems such as Evaporative Air-conditioners, Refrigerated, Ducted and Split Systems.

On Call.
Have a problem that requires urgent attention? The Thompson Group are on-call 24/7 – wherever or whenever you need us.

We specialize in

Electrical Contracting:

  • Domestic
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • WPCG Accredited (Petrol Stations)


Heating & Cooling:

  • Split System
    Fujitsu / Haier / Braemar
  • Ducted Refrigerated
    Fujitsu / Haier / Braemar
  • Evaporative
    Breezier / Braemar / Coolair
  • Gas Ducted
  • Gas Log Fires
  • Gas Infra-red tube heaters
    Parasol Heaters
  • Wood Heaters
    Coonara / Heat Charm / Arrow
  • Wood Heater repairs.
  • Heat Transfer Systems
  • Hydronic Heating


Ducted Vacuum Systems:

  • Electron


Commercial Catering Equipment Sales:

  • Refrigeration = Fridges, Freezers, Ice Machines,  ect.
  • Dishwashers = Under bench , Pass though , Glass washers.
  • Cooking equipment = Ovens, Grills, Fryers, Toasters, ect.
  • Food Preparation = Mixers, Food Processors, Juicers, Meat Slicers, ect
  • Stainless steel sinks & benches
  • Blenders = Drink & Stick Blenders
  • Furniture = chairs, stools, tables, Indoor , outdoor, ect.
  • Servery / Display = Bain Marie, Soup Kettles, Serving Counters, ect.
  • And much more.